Our Story 

SpeechifAI was born from a heartfelt desire and commitment to give people a voice.

SpeechifAI co-founder, Tudor Mihailescu, has experienced the discouragement of not being able to communicate his opinions, in his own way, to wider groups. Restricted to writing with only his right hand in school, childhood for left-handed Tudor was marked by an inability to properly express his mind.


Having researched the way in which U.S. Presidents’ speeches are written inside the White House for his PhD thesis, Tudor realized that new technologies could assist the public to express themselves in the same way that speechwriters do for the famous. So, Tudor reached out to Valentin Kassarning; the world’s first data scientist to have trained a robot to write speeches.


Tudor and Valentin connected over their passionate brainstorming for how AI could help people to write social media posts. In the summer of 2019, the duo joined Antler - a global startup generator and early-stage VC - as their first steps to launching SpeechifAI and shaping it into a viable business.

Today, SpeechifAI is the ever-growing result of their special ideas, some Antler magic, and a committed group of people who believe in technological advancements as a vector for human empowerment.


The whole SpeechifAI team has been able to relate to the experiences of those unable to voice themselves effectively on social media. While everyone has opinions, preferences, and beliefs that they want to share, we understand why not many do.

Reasons are as diverse as the public itself; lack of time, lack of creativity, lack of direction - each and all of these can cause people to feel incapable of writing and creating content. As a result, online channels lie dormant. Most people feel it’s a personal challenge to promote, support, and encourage others towards their chosen organizations and businesses.

SpeechifAI is on a mission to activate this silent online majority.

 Our Team 

 Founders Featured In 



CEO & Co-founder


Forbes Expert Contributor

Ph.D. in Speechwriting
National Press Club of Washington DC Member

Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe List-maker

Previously: Cofounder at GovFaces, Visiting Fellow at George Washington University


Data Science Lead


MSc in Applied Social Data Science at LSE

Recipient of  AFLSE scholarship; first political scientist admitted in MIT's summer research program


Previously: Data Scientist at Astroscreen, Research Assistant at MIT


User Experience Lead


M.Sc. in Computer Software Engineering 

B.A. in Fine Arts

Experience in software development and

UX Design


Creative Consultant

Dual US & UK B.A. Communications: Marketing & Public Relations with Psychology

Tumblr x London Fashion Week inaugural cohort with a blog scaled to 500k followers


CTO & Co-founder


Doctoral Researcher in Applied AI

Natural Language Generation Engineer


Software Developer of Industrial Applications

Author of "Political Speech Generation"

Featured in Washington Post, Forbes, Vice, MIT Technology Review


Tech Lead

42 - Born2Code Academy, Paris

Romanian C# & C++ Olympian

Previously: Mobile Developer at Kuende


Business Development Lead


Global Commercial Operations experience in $BN+ global pharmaceutical companies

Previously: Pfizer, Aristo Group, UBS, Nobel Biocare


Marketing Lead

Artboard 1.png

Skilled in marketing campaigns and partnerships

Implemented global marketing campaigns and strategies in the STEM recruitment industries

Previously: Phaidon International

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