Our Mission 

Social media has the power and potential to give people around the world, no matter their background or status, a truly global voice.


But there are average people struggling to be heard.  


Only a few voices dominate the conversations online. For example, only 10% of Twitter users produce 92% of the content on the platform. Influencers and large profile brands generate the vast majority of the content you see online, rendering everyone else a voiceless follower. 


Even for the average person who does want to contribute online, getting started can be intimidating, with low post engagement dissuading even the most enthusiastic social media user.  


SpeechifAI is looking to give them a voice. 


We believe technology should be a force that empowers people, not silences them. SpeechifAI acts on this principle by providing a cutting-edge, AI-powered platform that easily allows users to create compelling & authentic social media posts about their favorite content online. 


We believe in spreading messages online organically and authentically and enabling the success and growth of our users’ online campaigns, either large or small.


We believe that eliminating the writers’ block that stops many people from posting is crucial to reclaiming an open online dialogue. Our groundbreaking writing assistant helps users craft posts that will not only reach audiences but provide the greatest impact. 


From Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley startups, and global non-profits to small businesses, grassroots campaigns, and everyday people, SpeechifAI has helped a variety of users find and amplify their virtual voices in support of various initiatives they care about. We’re committed to giving people a voice online and creating a more open and democratized social media environment. 

 Our Team 


CEO & Co-Founder


Tudor is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of SpeechifAI, overseeing the company's operations and management. He oversees the entire SpeechifAI team,  ensuring each team member feels valued and supported to do their best work. He also works on building and nurturing the SpeechifAI community,  including customers, sharers, and investors.

He holds a PhD in Political Science with a concentration in Speechwriting from the Graduate Institute Geneva. He is a Former Visiting Fellow at George Washington University, a Member of the National Press Club in Washington DC, and was nominated by Forbes Europe 30 under 30 in Law & Policy in 2017.


User Experience Lead


Ioana designed the first prototype of the application that enabled campaign coordinators to predefine content and community members to customize and share messages. Since then, she has continuously iterated to improve the user experience and to add new features like the AI writing assistant and data analytics.

She has more than five years of software engineer experience in both Romania and the Netherlands. She holds a Masters in Computer Software Engineering from the University of Bucharest and holds numerous certifications in UX design and management. 


Account Management Lead

Artboard 1.png

Charlotte fosters and grows relationships with SpeechifAI's clients, introducing them to the online platform, and assisting them with their digital toolkits. She's motivated by the diversity of SpeechifAI's clients and working creatively to find the right solutions to help them reach their goals.


Charlotte has a background in entrepreneurship and international marketing; driven by a passion for fostering relationships among people.  She has worked in Marketing Coordination and has a degree in Strategic Communications from Elon University. 


Back-End Development Lead


János leads back-end development for SpeechifAI, concentrated primarily in Swift/Vapor. He is an agile, dynamic, heavy-duty programmer with more than eight years iOS development experience. He enjoys the opportunity to work in a startup setting, creating innovative digital products.

János has worked as an iOS developer for close to a decade. He has specifically worked on implementing full-stack programming, design architecture, and back-end client work for iOS - Android development for numerous companies in Denmark and Hungary. 


Content & Communications Lead


Michael handles SpeechifAI's branding and communications strategies, refining SpeechifAI's public-facing materials and promoting the company. He's excited to get to work promoting SpeechifAi's platform as an invaluable tool for modern digital campaigns and social movements online. 

He holds an M.A. in Political Science from NYU. He currently works as a Research Fellow with the non-profit Tech Talent Project, and previously  interned for Congressman Adriano Espaillat on Capitol Hill.


CTO & Co-Founder


Valentin is Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of SpeechifAI, overseeing and spearheading the company's product and AI development. His work at SpeechifAI focuses on building new technology and innovating new solutions that address our clients' needs to make their lives easier.

Before SpeechifAI, he worked as a software developer for industrial applications and a Lead AI Engineer for an IT start-up. He was a PhD Fellow specializing in Applied Artificial Intelligence at Graz University of Technology and held research and teaching positions at the University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark.


Tech Lead

andreigherghe_colorcorrected (1).jpg

Andrei oversees platform development and leads innovation efforts, working hand-in-hand with other SpeechifAI engineers to deliver the highest quality product to our users. He brings seven years of programming skills with a wide variety of technologies to his work at SpeechifAI. 

In his prior work, Andrei co-founded radio Terra, a Romanian broadcast media company, serving also as the CTO. He worked in development roles for a variety of companies including Microsoft. 


Business Development Lead


Lisa's core responsibilities at SpeechifAI are to find and analyze market insights, understand what SpeechifAI's clients need, and develop product solutions that create the perfect user experience. She loves to motivate clients and get them excited about what they can do with SpeechifAI. She's also evaluates the impact of SpeechifAI's business decisions on how it grows, changes, and operates as a business.

Lisa has worked for large multinational companies in the life science industry and has start-up experience in both China and the U.S. She has held a variety of roles in Sales, HR and Recruitment fields across numerous sectors.  


Front-End Development Lead


Isaiah crafts world-class experiences for our for clients by building, iterating, and maintaining SpeechifAI's interactive web pages, editable landing pages, and unique user experiences. He leverages in-house APIs to build dynamic, interactive pages and works with Marketing UI/UX designers to translate designs into pixel perfect code. He enjoys brainstorming with the rest of the team to come up with new ideas to improve the platform. 

Prior to SpeechifAI, Isaiah worked as a Full Stack Engineer at a health and wellness company and studied Web Development at the Lambda School.


 Featured In 


Our Advisors


Co-Founder, 1215

Keegan Goudiss.png

Goudiss has had a distinguished career in political online advertising. He founded Vox-P in 2008, where they created a way to track and collect data on social media campaigns easily. Goudiss, then joined Revolution Messaging to lead their online advertising efforts, eventually becoming CEO of one of the largest political agencies in history. As a result of his team’s innovative work, they received several awards. In 2015, Goudiss led the digital advertising campaign for Bernie Sanders. His team’s efforts helped Sanders raise record-breaking amounts and win more votes from young voters than any candidate during the Primary. The campaign was the first of its kind to have ads and sponsored content placed with Twitter, Buzzfeed, Instagram, Snapchat, and NYTimes.com. In recognition of his work, he was named 40 under 40 by AdAge.


Principal, PowerThru LLC


Packard is an award-winning digital consultant that works with progressive issue advocacy campaigns, non-profits, and Democratic candidates. She has handled digital strategy and social media for campaigns from President to city council, small to large non-profits, ballot initiatives on the local and statewide level, and unions across the country over the past decade. Laura serves on the board of Blue Digital Exchange, a trade association for left-leaning digital professionals. She is also a nationally-renowned health care activist, founder of Health Care Voices, executive director of Health Care Voter, and Get America Covered. Laura has reached millions of people across the country with her advocacy work, including speaking with Joe Biden in primetime at the Democratic National Convention in 2020.


General Partner, ARK Fund


Titus is a tech-native executive and angel investor. He co-founded Razorfish and Schematic (two of the world’s largest digital advertising agencies) and is currently a Fellow at the Creative Destruction Lab, and serves as their board representative for the Libra Association. Titus has led a series of multiplatform technology and media businesses, from startups to global enterprises and has acted as advisor & board member to companies in growing technology industries, including AI, blockchain, mobile, robotics, information security, and quantum computing.


Co-Founder, DemCast


Lori Coleman is Co-Founder and Director of Strategy for the 501(c)4 non-profit advocacy organization, DemCast. She is an outspoken activist against racism, inequality, and corruption in government with a proven record of teaching activists to mobilize and advocate for democracy. Over the last 4 years from her home in Tennessee, Lori has pioneered new and innovative strategies in digital persuasion.


VP of Global Partnerships, Admix


Michael Silberberg is a Global executive specializing in commercial strategy, deal-making, and technology systems integration.  Michael has over 20 years of experience working in commercial strategy and partnership management. Most notably in his 15 years at Google, across 3 continents, he was the principal on both their 3rd largest and then largest holding company clients while living in London and NYC, creating 100s of millions of dollars in shared value across multiple billion-dollar books of business. During his year in Nairobi, Kenya he was assigned a leading business development position on rotations. In January 2021, he joined the leadership team of Admix, a metaverse monetization company.


Project Manager, Google


Lee Yanco is a Product Manager at Google, working primarily on Google Cloud Monitoring. Prior to joining Google in 2019, Lee held product management roles at Pivotal Labs and AppNexus. He has taught Product Management professionally at General Assembly and is a graduate of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.