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Harness Your Network.
With SpeechifAI you can...
Meet the new, organic alternative to digital ads.

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What is
We're a new kind of social sharing company. We help you craft your message, share it online, and amplify it to reach the largest audience possible.

Writer's block? No problem.

With our innovative AI writing assistant, crafting the perfect messaging for your social media posts has never been easier.   


Get your message out to your audience effortlessly with customizable social media share toolkits, email embeds, and more. 


Your networks are a valuable resource.

We help you maximize their potential with a range of customizations and toolkits that will boost your messaging even further. 

Meet the new
alternative to digital ads.
More Conversions

per 100 clicks for SpeechifAI-generated posts vs. digital ads

Up to

Higher Share Ratio

compared to alternative methods like Google Docs social toolkits & static share buttons.

Up to

Unique Users

and counting have interacted with SpeechifAI campaigns so far.

Advertising online is getting more restrictive, & costly...

Online ads can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars a month. Meanwhile, social media companies have been placing more and more restrictions on targeted ads.

SpeechifAI harnesses the power of people to share messaging organically.

92% of customers trust word-of-mouth marketing over traditional advertising. We provide toolkits that tap into organic messaging and build online communities,

avoiding restrictive algorithms and large price tags.      

Messaging solutions
across industries
From grassroots advocacy to venture capital

Whether it's digitally fundraising for a political candidate, encouraging employee engagement with your brand, or spreading awareness about a new product or event, SpeechifAI has the social sharing toolkits necessary to reach a wide variety of networks.  

Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 15.21.14.png

We have used SpeechifAI for 10 campaigns with very positive feedback from our users. Our campaign generated almost 1 billion impressions on Twitter.

Lori Coleman, Digital Director, Demcast USA

Over the course of 5 months, using SpeechifAI drove over 50,000 user shares for our campaign. The SpeechifAI team is incredibly dedicated to building a robust platform in response to their clients' needs.

Nancy Li, Director of Marketing, Civic Technologies

We have used SpeechifAI since its inception. The team constantly helped us improve our campaigns which resulted in ever-increasing user engagement.

Hayden Young, Marketing & Program Manager, Antler Amsterdam

We've been used by...

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How does it work?

Create Your Campaign

Begin making your first campaign right after signing up! Create numerous impactful social media posts for your campaign with the help of our easy-to-use dashboard. 

Sharing To Your Networks

Launch your campaign by sharing a dedicated social sharing toolkit through social media, email campaigns, your website, and more. Your network will choose their favorite posts and share them with their networks.

Analyze & Optimize

We provide key real-time data on your campaign's success and tell you which elements of your campaign generate the most engagement so you can optimize your content and reach the largest possible audience.

Build and launch your first campaign for free.

Share with 
your networks

Build and share unique, eye-catching social toolkits

Every SpeechifAI campaign has a dedicated social toolkit you can customize. We generate a shareable link to this page for your network to engage with and share with their networks.

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 9.09.18 PM.png
Boost engagement with your email campaigns

Embeddable SpeechifAI campaign posts let your network share compelling social posts in one click straight from your email, increasing conversion rates and boosting audience engagement.

Screenshot 2021-05-06 at 20.30.32.png
Highlight campaigns on your website

Feature your SpeechifAI campaigns directly on your website, giving your network ease of access to share and engage with your online content.

Feel free to share ours :)

Harness Your Network

Promote Your Content

Grow Your Audience

Engage Your Employees

Drive Your Recruitment 

Amplify Your Fundraising 

With SpeechifAI

No Time Limit & No Credit Card Required. 
Start For Your Free Trial today.

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