SpeechifAI is an embeddable digital platform that enables organizations and companies to create and manage digital campaigns & toolkits.

It uses AI & social data science to help users write social media posts about products, articles, or political and civic causes they care about.

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How SpeechifAI Works

Create amazing social media posts for your organization, brand, campaign, company launch, and more with the help of our AI writing assistant. Include relevant hashtags, images & links tailored to your organization's voice.


Users can choose their favorite post from the campaign and customize them before they post it on the social media channel of their choice. Launch your campaign by providing your community members with a dedicated sharing page.

Our AI writing assistant is available to campaign creators and their audience members—making it even easier for them to customize their social media posts by suggesting the most optimal words.


Track the performance of your campaigns. Our analytics dashboard gives you insights into how successful your campaign was and what content gets shared and clicked on.

SpeechifAI Features

Landing Page

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Every SpeechifAI campaign has a dedicated landing page.

Here, your audience can select which social media platforms they wish to share their chosen ready-made post.

A link to this digital toolkit can be shared with supporters to increase engagement.

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Email Embed Feature

Once a campaign is created, SpeechifAI users have the option to embed the campaign in emails to their audiences

This feature helps increase conversion rates

for actions, engagement with referrals, & more.

Example 1 Embed a SpeechifAI campaign in an email encouraging supporters to join in on an online campaign (pictured).

Example 2 After a supporter takes action with a petition, they receive an email thanking them for their support.

A SpeechifAI campaign embedded in follow-up email makes it easy for supporters to share the action on their own platforms. 

Website Embed Feature

Use the SpeechifAI website embed feature to highlight your campaign right on your company, organization, or campaign website.

Feature actions, petitions, blog posts, or articles that you want to increase engagement with on your website

This gives website visitors and supporters an opportunity to share ready-made posts on their own social media platforms.

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Tell Your Network About SpeechifAI

Client Testimonials

We have used SpeechifAI for 10 campaigns with very positive feedback from our users. Our campaign generated almost 1 billion impressions on Twitter".

Lori Coleman, Digital Director of Demcast USA

Over the course of 5 months, using SpeechifAI drove over 50,000 user shares for our campaign. The SpeechifAI team is incredibly dedicated to building a robust platform in response to their clients' needs.

Nancy Li, Director of Marketing

at Civic Technologies

"We have used SpeechifAI since its inception. The team constantly helped us improve our campaigns which resulted in ever increasing user engagement".

Hayden Young, Marketing & Program Manager, Antler Amsterdam