SpeechifAI is a digital platform that enables organizations and companies

to manage word-of-mouth campaigns on social media.

It uses AI & social data science to help users write social media posts

that make a real impact.

Empower your Community

Spread the Word

Promote Authenticity

Make an Impact

 How SpeechifAI Works 

Your organization pushes ready-made social media posts to your community through a dedicated sharing page. These posts have the right copy, hashtags and high-quality representative images included

People can choose their favorite post and customize it, or seek guidance from an AI powered writing assistant before they post it on their social media channel of choice

Through the AI engine, SpeechifAI will send personalized posts to users, in their authentic voice, based on past behavior 

The user is able to share meaningful, impactful posts that support your organization, while maintaining their personal tone of voice

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 Our Work 

Referral Marketing

"Over the course of 5 months, using SpeechifAI drove over 50,000 user shares for our campaign. The SpeechifAI team is incredibly dedicated to building a robust platform in response to their clients' needs."

Nancy Li, Director of Marketing at Civic Technologies

Political & Civic Activism

"We have used SpeechifAI for 10 campaigns with very positive feedback from our users. Our campaign generated almost a billion impressions on Twitter".

Lori Coleman, Digital Director of Demcast USA

Event Promotion

"We have used SpeechifAI since its inception. The team constantly helped us improve our campaigns which resulted in ever increasing user engagement".

Hayden Young, Marketing & Program Manager, Antler Amsterdam

We give people
a social media voice.
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