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Engage Your

SpeechifAI transforms your social media communities into fundraising ambassadors.


Start a free trial today. 

SPEECHIFAI builds employee engagement 

Enabling Authentic Sharing

SpeechifAI gives you the media tools you need to unlock the potential of your company's greatest asset: your employees. 

Building Company Branding

No more incorrect hashtags, mistagging, or misspellings. Our toolkits help keep employees on message while promoting employee advocacy. 

Centralizing Your Toolkits

We provide an easy-to-use platform for marketing professionals to build and store their company's social media toolkits and analyze their success. 

Enabling Authentic Sharing

Employees are in a great position to be your company's biggest cheerleader online, celebrating wins and amplifying events. But they can often find figuring out what to post a huge obstacle.


SpeechifAI provides the tools for you to unlock your employee's potential with a variety of social media post customization options, an easy-to-use interface, and a specialized AI writing assistant.

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Building Company Branding

A company's reputation online can affect a wide variety of areas of the company, from recruitment to potential business partnerships.

SpeechifAI harnesses the power of employee advocacy to boost your brand online while also giving you the tools to keep your employees engaged and on message.

Centralizing Your Toolkits

Building out multiple different social media campaigns and toolkits and keeping track of them can take up a huge amount of time for the average marketing professional. 

We provide the ultimate "one-stop-shop" tool to not only easily build, share and store your social media toolkits, but also analyze their success, from the number of clicks to shares by platform.

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See a few examples of how companies use SpeechifAI to engage their employees and build their brands.



See how the environmental journal Planet Forward used SpeechifAI to target friends and supporters to share with their network.  



This campaign uses a brief welcome message since users have already taken the action to invest. Users can continue the momentum by sharing with their own networks. 



This campaign uses a clear and detailed welcome message that explains where the investment will go, generating a call to action for donors.

We're the one-stop-shop for social sharing

Easy to Promote

SpeechifAI can be used to promote a wide variety of projects, including key recruitment decisions, important internal or external events, company financial or product milestones, CSR initiatives, and more!

Easy to Access

With SpeechifAI, there's no need to download any third-party applications or handle multiple separate log-ins so that employees can post. Our browser-based, easily shareable toolkits bypass the need for third-party apps and cumbersome permissions.

Easy to Share

Meet your audience where they are. Our toolkits can be easily integrated into a wide variety of mediums, from website landing pages, to email newsletters!

Not Sure Where To Start?

We've built a template for building SpeechifAI posts that details what makes a good post and provides a few examples that you can customize to build your own SpeechifAI employee engagement toolkit.

Getting the Ultimate ROI...

Our clients typically report 10-100x ROI when they use SpeechifAI with their engaged communities. Additionally, our AI-powered solution enables up to 100x more shares vs. static share buttons. And even better: organically shared posts via SpeechifAI perform 10x better than ads at driving conversions. 

...for a Fraction of the Cost.

While other social sharing tools and advertisers can charge you upfront per employee or for a bundle of impressions without any guarantee of engagement,  with SpeechifAI you only pay to enable your successful campaigns to be shared by more people! 

We provide a variety of resources for organizations looking to use SpeechifAI for their employee engagement and branding needs. We have a dedicated technical and account staff that can work with your organization to choose the right subscription type, get started with SpeechifAI, and optimize your use of our platform. Check out the pages below for more information.

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