Creating posts for your campaigns

Updated: Apr 8

Posts are the primary building blocks of SpeechifAI campaigns. As you share your campaigns, posts are the way your networks will interact and share your content. This entry explains the key elements of posts and how to craft them.



The SpeechifAI Post Creation Menu allows you to create new posts and manage the posts you've created.

The SpeechifAI Post Creation Menu is accessible through your campaign's main menu under "Ready Made Posts." This menu consists of two distinct sections. The first section is where you can create new posts to include in your campaign. The second section is where you preview previously created posts and make edits as needed.



  • Text - Provide the text you want to have as a caption for your social media post. Remember that if you want your post to be used on Twitter, it must be meet Twitter's 280-character limit.

  • Hashtags - Add hashtags relevant to your brand or company. Hashtags help increase post engagement by attracting interested audiences.

  • Link - Add a link to the content you want to promote.

  • Success Prediction - As you add text, hashtags, and links, our AI writing assistant will analyze your inputs and make suggestions on how to revise to boost predicted post engagement based on social media best practices.

  • Common suggestions include changes in word choice

  • Image, Video, Giphy - Add an image, video, or GIF relevant to the post. This image will act as a preview for the link you use in the post. Here are a few image ratio suggestions:

  • For Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we recommend a 2:1 aspect ratio. Click here for a template.

  • For WhatsApp and other direct messaging, we recommend a square image. Click here for a template.

  • For Instagram, we recommend a 4:5 aspect ratio for IG Stories or 1:1 for Feed Posts. Click here for a template.



The "Preview Your Posts" section compiles all created posts within the campaign, allowing you to view, revise or delete them at will. Don't worry if you've already shared your campaign with your networks! Any changes you make to posts will automatically be reflected in the sharing toolkit and other SpeechifAI materials.